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Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Searching the Software Manager of either Ubuntu or Linux Mint, you will not find Google Chrome, my favorite web browser. While you could always just download it from the site, the Update Manager will not know about it, so you’ll be forced to manually check for and install updates. There is a better way.

The first thing we need to do is get the software signing key from the Google Linux Repository. That is done with the following command:

wget -q -O - | 
sudo apt-key add -

Then, we’ll add the repository for Chrome’s stable releases to the repository.

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb
stable main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google.list'

From here, you can go back into your Software Manager, search for Chrome and install it normally.

My Chrome Extensions

One of the best part about modern (read: no IE) browsers is the ability to add functionality with extensions. My primary browser has been Google Chrome since my wife turned me onto it and it has an amazing collection of extensions.

Here are the three extensions that I run all the time and I can’t live without.

AdBlock Plus for Google Chrome (Beta) – The old Firefox extension reworked for Google Chrome. This extension blocks advertisements from the most popular advertising hosts on the web. This extension works so well that I forgot there were adult ads on It was pretty embarrassing to open it up on my parents’ computer.

Google Mail Checker – A simple little extension that adds a button to the right of the address bar which displays the current number of unread email in your Gmail inbox. Clicking the button opens up Gmail in a new tab. This is great for my Mac where the Gmail Notifier is sub-par.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader – Adds a little button below YouTube videos that lets you download the video in MP4, FLV, or MP3 formats. It supports HD video downloading and is awesome. The drawback is that it’s not an official Chrome extension (violates the TOS, I think) so it doesn’t update itself. Definitely worth downloading.

Google Talk Guru

I was recently introduced to Google Talk’s Guru, a handy contact bot that answers all your instant search queries, like “Number of grams in pound” and “current weather in Honolulu.”

Just add to your contact list and you’re ready to start using it.

Hone Your Google-Fu

I am frequently asked questions which I can find the answer to in the first page of Google search results. It struck me that people must not know how to search effectively.

In the coming weeks, I will be writing a series of articles on how to make the most of your searches with Google. I will show how to identify the song you’ve heard on the radio, search for information about specific people (filtering out similarly-named people you’re not interested in), and much more.

Google Buzz Launched Today

Google Buzz launched this morning (or late last night for some of you) and, for once, I’m excited about a social networking site.

Buzz is basically a Facebook newsfeed without the Farmvilles and other stupid applications that drive you (read: me) nuts. Lifehacker explains it here.

Because it integrates with Gmail (which I use for my personal email), I won’t even have to go anywhere else to check up on things. I imagine that it will take some time to fully review it and I will post my feelings about it once they’re fully developed.

Google’s Public DNS Servers

There have been a number of times that I was configuring a server/device/etc. and didn’t remember to write down the IP address of the local ISP’s name servers. Now, thanks to Google’s super easy-to-remember IP addresses on their public DNS servers, I won’t need to remember (or use) the ISP’s DNS server as my secondary name server.

Google’s running their systems on and Easy.


After getting Joomla set up, themed and some basic content added, I began looking for a way to display the guild’s upcoming events. My first thought was to connect to a Google Calendar, but my host’s  machine seemed to have issues with the Zend GData plugin and the iframe method was unnaceptable.

I looked at Joomla modules and found SimpleCalendar. It does exactly what I needed it to:

  • Display a block on the side of the main content which contains a number of upcoming events.
  • Allow multiple users to add/edit events.
  • Provide a brief description of the event.

SimpleCalendar is not only easy to install, but easy to configure and use.