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Tag: debian

Rolling My Own Email Server

The other day, I came across an excellent article on replacing Gmail with your own solution. As great as it was, it is really only meant for a single user and isn’t scoped to providing email for people who will never SSH into the mail server. So, I began to search out a build for a good mail server.

What I Think I’ll Be Using

  • Debian as the OS. Debian is my go-to for Linux servers, as it is stable and has a fairly small footprint.
  • Postfix for my MTA. I played with exim4, but didn’t care for it much. We’ll see.
  • Dovecot for IMAP access.
  • AMaViS, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin for keeping things safe and sane.

I’ll check back as my build progresses and things get online.

Still Distro Hoping

I’m still Distro hoping. I tried Debian Testing (“Wheezy”), which was okay, but not great. Mostly due to multiple monitor support issues.

About to try Fedora 16 again. I know it supports multiple monitors right off the bat and, assuming I can get everything else I want installed, might have a keeper. We’ll see.

I found these guides on post-installation tasks for F16 and will leave links to them here: