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After getting Joomla set up, themed and some basic content added, I began looking for a way to display the guild’s upcoming events. My first thought was to connect to a Google Calendar, but my host’s  machine seemed to have issues with the Zend GData plugin and the iframe method was unnaceptable.

I looked at Joomla modules and found SimpleCalendar. It does exactly what I needed it to:

  • Display a block on the side of the main content which contains a number of upcoming events.
  • Allow multiple users to add/edit events.
  • Provide a brief description of the event.

SimpleCalendar is not only easy to install, but easy to configure and use.

A New CMS For The Guild Site

Yesterday, I moved the guild website back from static HTML pages to a content management system. In the past, I had used Drupal almost exclusively. However, I have recently become enamored with Joomla, another open-source CMS. The Joomla module community seems to be a little stronger and they seem to release a more “professional-looking” product.

I’ll keep posting about any tricks I come across or any modules I really enjoy.

Google Apps Coding

I’ve recently started working on some code to integrate my Google Calendar into a webpage in order to show upcoming events. This seems pretty straight-forwards as the Google API is well-documented, but my requirement are such that any existing solution doesn’t work for me.

My requirements are as follows:

  • Only show future events. If its happened already, its not an upcoming event and therefore does not fit into the “Upcoming Events” section.
  • Fit in with the appearance of the rest of the site. The Agenda-style calendar export is almost exactly what I am looking for, except that it’s appearance is not completely customizable and looks a little out-of-place on my site.
  • Display each event in roughly the following format:  DATE – EVENT TITLE – TIME

All of this seems pretty simple to implement, but I have to delve into the API a little further.

More updates and the completed source code will be available as soon as I have them.

Why Twitter (as the World Knows it) Is Dumb

Twitter was a nice idea. You could keep up with people you actually know and care about as they do what they do. But somewhere along the line, celebrities got involved and everything went down-hill. Whose life is fulfilled by knowing what movie your favorite celeb is watching? Seriously.

That’s not to say the celebrities hold all the blame. People are posting absolutely everything they’re doing, not just the noteworthy, significant events in their lives. Letting your friends know that your plane was delayed 2 hours: good tweet. Letting your friends know that you just hit on another girl at the bar and are misspelling everything because you’re drunk: not-so-good.