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This blog is my place for depositing little bits of knowledge that I:

  • had to figure out on my own because the Interwebs failed me,
  • think is entirely too hard to find on the Internet and I want it easily accessible,
  • have developed based on my own trials and opinions without consulting Google,
  • and/or just want here.

Who am I? Well, as the URL and header should have clued you in, my name is Sean Callaway. I am a Linux Systems Administrator at a software company in Southern California. We’re doing some really interesting stuff here, but I’m just wading into it. My background is primarily Windows-based, having worked previously for a managed services provider and the US Army.

I love to cook (the grill is my favorite method, but others will do), play video games, over-complicate my home network in the pursuit of awesomeness, and other things. I do not love to write about myself, so if this page seems awkward, that’s why.

Why’d You Call Your Blog a “Blag”?

Well, its a homage to my favorite web-comic, XKCD. Read through the archives until you figure it out.

What OSes Do You Use?

I am currently using Fedora 23 on my desktop at work and my personal Lenovo ThinkPad T440s.

Our main desktop at home dual-boots Linux Mint 17.3 and Windows 10 Professional (for Guild Wars 2 and Fallout 4, mostly).

All of my home network services are running on CentOS 7 virtual machines. My public web servers are Ubuntu 14.04 and are running LEMP stacks, Mumble server, and docker containers for my more specific things (GitLab)

I’ve also acquired an HP Chromebook 14, which I thought about flashing with Xubuntu, but may stay as-is.