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Connecting Network Gear to Avocent/Cyclades ACS Console Server

There’s a lot of differing information about what the proper cabling for connecting Cisco/HP/whatever network gear to an ACS console server. I’ve seen everything from straight-through to rollover to a modified version of straight-through. However, Avocent provided the correct version and I’ve verified that it works.

From the Avocent/Emerson Power site:

RJ-45 (Cyclades) to RJ-45 (Sun/Cisco), crossoverRJ-45 RJ-45
Cyclades Sun/Cisco
——– ———
3 TxD ———— RxD 6
6 RxD ———— TxD 3
4 Gnd ——–|— Gnd 4
|— Gnd 5
2 DTR ———— DSR 7
7 DCD ———— DTR 2
1 RTS ———— CTS 8
5 CTS ———— RTS 1

To build this, take a standard TIA-568B straight-through cable and cut of one end. Remake the cut end as follows:

Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Color Brown White/Brown Green Blue White/Orange White/Green Orange White/Blue (optional)

The factory end would go into the console port of the network gear, while your custom end would go into the ACS.

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