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Month: May 2013

Sliding Messaging Pro

After recently making the switch from iPhone to the world of Android, I found that doing some of the things I am used to (such as applying different notification sounds to each contact) is not as easy as it was on iOS. In fact, on my HTC One, I had to actually install a different messaging app to do this. Luckily, there are a great number of feature-filled SMS programs. The one I am currently using is Sliding Messaging Pro, which was a contender in the All About Android Arena a few weeks ago.

My only issue with the app was that the Individual Notification Settings weren’t saving. After my Google searching failed me, I contacted the developer, who responded quickly and told me that I had to uncheck the “Save to External SD Card” setting in Advanced Settings. This makes sense, as my HTC One does not have an external SD card. Now, everything is working nicely and I have a pretty awesome SMS interface.