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Next Post: Getting FDMA Working on a CPN

Normally, a WIN-T¬†Battalion Command Post Node (referred to as either BnCPN or CPN) is configured to connect to the WAN via a TDMA satellite link. This is the way things are normally done and the way we are trained to make it work. However, the powers that be have decided to make certain CPNs “Super CPNs” by providing them with an FDMA modem, which is normally reserved for the JNN. This has been done for a while: another CPN at FOB Wolverine (where I was working in Afghanistan) had an FDMA link back in 2010. The only problem is that no one, or very few people, know how to make it work.

Well, we figured it out this morning. I have copious notes and will be posting a write-up for the benefit of fellow CPN operators and the CECOM FSRs who support us.

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