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Site of the Week: tunein

This is my inaugural post in a series aptly titled: Site of the Week, wherein I expose a site that needs more attention than it’s getting or that I’ve only now just discovered. I hope to put out a new one every Thursday, but that is dependent on me finding a worthy site.

This week’s site is tunein, a music site that streams radio stations from all over the country to you where ever you have Internet access.

tunein Home Page

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can search for your favorite station (I prefer searching by call-letters, as it provides better results), show title, or artist (where it will find any station currently playing a song by them). You can also browse stations by location, selecting your continent, country, state, and nearby major city. The site will list every station in the area that you’ve selected. My selection of Los Angeles, CA looks like this:

tunein Los Angeles

As a member of the military, I really enjoy being able to listen to my hometown radio stations and my favorite morning show, even if the time difference makes it difficult. You can even listen on the go, as tunein has an iOS app and an Android app.

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