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Back Into Coding… and in a Big Way

I’ve coded a good bit before. I spent two years in high school in Computer Science classes and majored in CS for the short time I was in college. I even wrote a web app for the Army while I was in Iraq.

However, I’ve been much more into the networking and systems administration side of things in the past few years. As it’s been part of my job, I thought that learning as much as I could about it would be greatly beneficial and it has been.

Unfortunately, the equipment is expensive. I can only afford so many pieces of Cisco gear before the wife will get pissed (I’ve reached the limit, apparently, as I get the ‘evil eye’ every time I say the word ‘router’).

So, my tech projects are focusing back on software. Here’s what I’m working on now:

  • phpNetManager – A webapp for managing network devices and address allocations. More project managing this than coding it, but handling some of the coding.
  • SCTorrent – A lightweight BitTorrent client for Windows.
  • A Rouge-like game using ncurses. This is more of a “let’s learn how to make a game engine” kind of thing.
  • A cross-platform, tile-based game engine. Very early in and slow going.

All are open-source, except for the tile-based engine, which might be at some point, but might not be. Playing that one close to the chest.

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