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Month: June 2012

Home Server Updates and New Theme Pending

While reading We Got Served, I found an article discussing the upgrade of HP MediaSmart home servers from their factory software to version 3.0. This upgrade adds a bunch of new features including:

  • a new video converter,
  • HP Media Streamer, which allows you to stream your media to any Internet connected computer
  • better Mac support for server administration and backup
  • ability to stream to you iPhone or iPod Touch via HP MediaSmart Server iStream app.
  • a new UI for the Server Console

“Sign me up,” I thought. So, I called up HP only to find out that the discs are no longer available. So, being a determined WHS administrator, I looked for ISO images on the Internet. The problem is that these discs are specific to the model of MediaSmart server you have: there’s a┬áseparate┬áset for the EX470s, EX480s, etc. It’s pretty easy to find ISOs for the EX480s, but I have an EX470, of course.

After a bit of searching, I determined that a poorly named torrent actually contained the ISO I was looking for.

Named as the PC Restore Disk, not Server Recovery Disk
Named as the PC Restore Disc, not Server Recovery Disc

Here are the actual discs, so you can see how they’re named by HP.


After getting it downloaded, I installed it per the directions in the initial article and it went off without a hitch. Of course, I had to setup everything again, including the DHCP and WINS services that the server was providing, but it doesn’t take too long.

I’ve already noticed improved performance in responsiveness and LAN media streaming and look forward to further tweaking and getting everything perfect.

On another note, I am working on my own custom theme for this blog. Hopefully, it will be ready soon. Look for it in the next month.