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Installing NRPE on CentOS

When it comes to Linux, I’m a Debian guy. I’m quite at home using apt-get and the Debian file structure. However, I’ve been trying to hone my CentOS chops, as CentOS and RHEL are big in the enterprise environment.┬áSo, I added a CentOS 6 server to my network.

Now, every “always on” device on my network is monitored by Nagios. My Nagios server is currently running on openSUSE 12, which makes some of the configurations interesting, but seems to be the most functional post-install.

Using this guide in the Ubuntu Server documentation, I was able to quickly get my Debian servers fully monitored (at least, as monitored as I want them). However, CentOS isn’t as easy.

The guide over at Server World gets you part of the way there, but won’t actually let you check anything. It turns out that you’ll also need to run a yum -y --enablerepo=epel install nagios-plugins-all in order to really monitor any status. Of course, if you just need a check or two, you can always install just the individual plugins.

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