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Strange Joomla Bug: Articles Displaying

Joomla 2.5, or any CMS for that matter, is designed to be used by multiple people. True to its intentions, my clan’s website has a few users responsible for creating and editing content.

One of our pages is a category blog that displays all posts in the “Our Servers” category. The idea here is that if/when we add a new server, its information can be placed in an article that is placed in that category and it will instantly show up on that page. We’ve already added a new server, so this is something that has a legitimate use/purpose.

Well, one of the users didn’t manually place an author in the “Created By” section. Initially, everything worked fine. However, when someone else edited to article and saved it, it began to be displayed twice, even though only one copy of the article existed in the Article Manager. Needless to say, this was some very strange behavior.

Going back and manually adding in the author fixed the problem and the page displayed as expected.

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