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Gargoyle Router Firmware on Netgear WNDR3700v2

A few days ago, I mentioned that I was having major issues with DD-WRT running on my Netgear WNDR3700v2. My wireless was constantly dropping out and even my wired connections would lose the ability to see the router. On the day I gave up, I had to reset the router five times. Not okay.

So, I looked at Gargoyle Router. Gargoyle is basically a front-end for OpenWrt, an open-source router firmware. It’s stable and works well with a number of flashable routers.

So far, I’m enjoying the stability and minor wireless speed increase, by being able to open up the wireless channel size, which unlocks the full potential of 802.11n. Gargoyle Wireless Settings

For those users in North America, you’ll need to download a firmware image that ends in “-NA”. Currently, only version 1.5.0 in the Experimental branch and version 1.4.3 in the stable branch support North America for the WNDR3700v2. These files can be uploaded to the factory firmware’s Upgrade page and, after waiting about 5 minutes, will completely install without any other user interaction.

The default IP address will be and the web login password will be ‘password’.

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  1. Kartik Kartik


    I have a WNDR3700v2 router which I have bought just 3 days back and I am having issues with wireless connectivity with the original firmware. It keeps on dropping my wireless connection by stating in the logs that WLAN ACCESS REJECTED : INCORRECT SECURITY from MAC ADDRESS.

    Does the gargoyle firmware fix this issue.. As I am fedup of this issue as my old router works fine with the same device. I contacted netgear and their level 2 support says tht this is a third party device and they cant support it. Even after explaining them that another netgear router works fine but this one is rejecting the wlan connection , they are not listening. So it seems I am on my own.

  2. moeburn moeburn

    You said you were having major issues with DD-WRT on WNDR3700v2-NA? So am I! But you said that you “uploaded to the factory firmware’s Upgrade page”, does that mean that you reverted to factory firmware before going to Gargoyle, or did you go straight from DD-WRT?

    • Sean Sean

      I went to the factory firmware before switching to Gargoyle. However, I am back to DD-WRT. I think my issue was with the installation of DD-WRT and not doing the resets properly. I followed the instructions exactly and had no issues.

      • moeburn moeburn

        Nuts. I was hoping I could go straight from DD-WRT. And it works fine as a router, for me, but I was also hoping to use QoS, and I didn’t realise that DD-WRT has the worst QoS implementation of all the open router firmwares, if you can get it working at all (I couldn’t). I hear Gargoyle has the best QoS. Have you used it? If so, what was your opinion of it?

  3. moeburn moeburn

    Welp, I made the switch from DD-WRT to Gargoyle, and I’d like to make a couple of corrections:

    1. You don’t need to revert to stock firmware first, unless you insist on using the built-in GUI web firmware flasher. But if you reboot the WNDR, and then press and hold the reset button on bootup, once the green power light is flashing, you’re in TFTP mode. Then you can use any simple TFTP client, point it to, select your firmware file, click ‘upload’, and that’s it! Almost just as easy as the web gui method!

    2. “For those users in North America, you’ll need to download a firmware image that ends in “-NA”. ” – Only if you insist on complying with the law! But in terms of functionality, any non-NA version will work just fine. I am using a North America WNDR3700v2, and I flashed Gargoyle 1.5.10, without any -NA at the end, and it works just fine. Eric has stopped releasing -NA versions because he says they are identical in every other way. But it also opens up channels 12 and 13, and some TX power limits – illegal in USA and Canada.

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