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Searching For a Linux Distro

So, I plan on getting a new laptop in the near future and have decided that I would like to dual-boot it with Linux. The problem is that I’ve been out of the Linux desktop game for a little while now and my formerly beloved Ubuntu is not something I enjoy anymore. This Unity desktop environment is a nightmare.

So, I’m taking a look at Kubuntu, which is essentially Ubuntu running KDE. Considering that its Ubuntu underneath, this is an attractive option.

I’m also looking at Linux Mint. It, like Ubuntu, is Debian-based and is the most popular Linux distro behind Ubuntu. The ISO for this one is downloading as this posts.

Nowadays, Linux on a laptop is easy to do and the laptop I’ve selected has some common components, which will mean better driver support. I’m not too concerned about one distro working on it any better than another.

EDIT: I’m also looking at Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

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