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Migrate Your Xbox Data The Cheap Way

In order to move your profiles and saved games from one Xbox to another, Microsoft wants you to buy a specialized cable for about $20. Normally, I have no problem buying cables, but a cable that can’t be used for any other purpose or on any other device is not something I relish picking up.

The best/easiest/cheapest way to get around this is to get a decent-sized (8GB or bigger) USB drive, plug it in to your Xbox and head on over to the Memory management screen.

Storage Settings

Select the USB Storage Device and then select Configure Now. The USB drive will be formatted for use with your Xbox and you can start transferring your data.

Go to My Xbox -> System Settings -> Memory. Then, select the hard drive that contains the data you want to transfer. Press the ‘Y’ button on your controller to Transfer Content.

Transfer Content

At this point you’ll select the USB Storage Device as your destination and pick the content you’d like to move. Once its completed, you’ll pop the USB drive into your new Xbox and do the same thing, this time moving the content from the USB drive to the internal hard drive.

Select the Content to Transfer
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