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Month: February 2010

Hardware in 2009

I’m quite surprised. The computer I built back in April 2009 for about $1000 (I had the case, keyboard, mouse, and monitor already) is still spec’d better than other more-expensive gaming systems.

Other than my desire to boost my graphics card (more power!!!), everything is working great! I might switch out the stock cooler and tick up the overclocking a bit, but its running great.

  • Intel Core i7-920
  • 6GB Patriot Viper DDR3 1333
  • 2x 1TB SATA Hard Drives
  • msi Radeon HD 4890 OC 1GB GDDR5 Video Card

Test Network: Overview Thus Far

So, my brief tests with running Active Directory have concluded and I’ve learned the following:

  • Windows Vista dislikes connecting to a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller. By default, Windows Vista looks for the domain controller in a different place than Windows Server 2003 has it running. However, it has no problem connecting to a Windows Server 2008 PDC.
  • Windows Server 2008 is legitimately better than Windows Server 2003. Although all of my test network is virtual (running on two different computers using VMware Player and bridged into my physical network), I’ve seen actual performance and stability improvement in a Windows Server 2008 PDC than its Windows Server 2003 counterpart.

I’m sure I’ll have more to report on later, but this is what I have thus far.

Google Buzz Launched Today

Google Buzz launched this morning (or late last night for some of you) and, for once, I’m excited about a social networking site.

Buzz is basically a Facebook newsfeed without the Farmvilles and other stupid applications that drive you (read: me) nuts. Lifehacker explains it here.

Because it integrates with Gmail (which I use for my personal email), I won’t even have to go anywhere else to check up on things. I imagine that it will take some time to fully review it and I will post my feelings about it once they’re fully developed.

Cryptography Presentation

Tomorrow, I am giving a presentation on cryptography. It’s not particularly in depth, but covers a lot of topics. The slides and my notes will be available tomorrow afternoon, if not sooner.