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Google Apps Coding

I’ve recently started working on some code to integrate my Google Calendar into a webpage in order to show upcoming events. This seems pretty straight-forwards as the Google API is well-documented, but my requirement are such that any existing solution doesn’t work for me.

My requirements are as follows:

  • Only show future events. If its happened already, its not an upcoming event and therefore does not fit into the “Upcoming Events” section.
  • Fit in with the appearance of the rest of the site. The Agenda-style calendar export is almost exactly what I am looking for, except that it’s appearance is not completely customizable and looks a little out-of-place on my site.
  • Display each event in roughly the following format:  DATE – EVENT TITLE – TIME

All of this seems pretty simple to implement, but I have to delve into the API a little further.

More updates and the completed source code will be available as soon as I have them.

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