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Browser Performance Tests

Well, I’ve been avoiding Google’s Chrome browser for some time now. I’m not entirely sure why, as I’ve used Google search since it’s inception, fought for a Gmail invite when they were limited, and use Google Apps for a number of my domains. It’s possible that I’ve just been using Firefox for so long that I was unwilling to admit that there might be something better.

Enter LifeHacker’s browser comparison tests. While not entirely scientific, I’d trust the results. They took Chrome, Firefox 3.5 Final, and Opera 10 Final and tested three areas: Boot-up and Page Loading, JavaScript, and Memory Usage. Chrome took everything but Memory Usage, which went to Firefox.

I’ve already mentioned to my wife that Chrome might be a viable solution to her slow page loads on her laptop and it looks like I will be giving it a try here shortly. More on my experiences to follow.

You can read all about the tests here.

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